Crystals and Chakra’s

The cost of this course is £150.00  Excluding VAT

Chakra and Crystal Therapy for the Beauty and Holistic Therapist is a course of study designed for those already practicing in the areas of beauty and holistic therapies.
After completing this course you will be proficient in the theory of Chakra and crystal healing and how to apply it to clients.

Course includes

•Understand what Crystal & Chakra Therapy is
•The benefits of Crystal & Chakra Therapy for the Client
•Explain what energy is
•Give examples of Energy Therapies
•List different terms for life force energy
•Explain and describe the following terms – vibrations, frequencies
•Explain the Law of Vibration
•Understand and discuss the electromagnetic field
•Explain what Ley Lines are
•Discuss electromagnetic fields in the human body
•Explain piezoelectricy in relation to quartz crystal and provide examples
•Identify the seven subtle bodies/energy fields of the human aura
•Detail each of the seven subtle bodies of the human aura identifying unique characteristics of each:
•Etheric Body
•Emotional Body
•Mental Body
•Astral Body
•Casual Body
•Celestial Body
•Ketheric Body
•History of Crystals
•Formation of Crystals
•How to cleanse, energise and programe Crystals
•Forms of Crystals